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Bangkok Perl Mongers

I'm Robert. In beautiful downtown Bangkok. Notice this is a bit rough. Notice it has a lot of good stuff about Perl.
I'm running Win98 with Apache so many (most?) of these links are Perl Win32 specific.

Perl Win32 is available from ActiveState and is fairly painless. Do get on the mailing lists and lurk awhile. Its worth it.

Lets start off with setting up Apache on Win32 Bill Luebkerk's tutorial has most of what you need
Ron Savage has a script to do the job
He also has a nice email tutorial and here's a neat list of annotated references cribbed from Ron.
Perl-Win32-Admin - for the best information and support for using Perl to automate Win32 Admin functions
Jenda's Perl Site - for popular modules like Win32::FileOp, Win32::Lanman, and Win32::Registry Roth Consulting for popular modules like Win32::AdminMisc, Win32::RasAdmin, and Win32::Perms Dada's Perl Lab - for Win32::API (you *Will* need this on Win32) and Win32::GUI MSDN Online Library - for Microsoft Win32 API documentation for use with Win32::API Win32 Scripting for open source Win32 scripting in multiple languages Windows_NT_Systems_ magazine... they've published system administration scripts written in Perl virtually every month since I started receiving it. I haven't checked their web site, but I'm pretty sure they post the code from their articles there.
Some Perl - Scripts Achim ppm stuff BSTurner, some packages Matt ------------------
lots of good stuff here by Amine Moulay Ramdane
With Win32 you'll really need some of this stuff.
Win32 PerlZip module
manage your Zip files(create,add,extract,delete,integrity test, etc...)

Perl Win32 API module
import and call arbitrary functions from Win32's Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL).

Win32 Perf95 module
monitor your Win95/98 OSs (ea:Processor,Threads,Memory,Dial-Up Adapter, etc...)

Perl Win32 MAPI module
implement some high level MAPI functions, with this module you can send messages,receive messages, manage mail's attachments,send faxes etc

Perl Win32 PortIO module
direct access your I/O ports (0100H to FFFFH) under Windows NT 4.0 and Win95/98.

Perl Win32 CpuInfo module
identify the processor in your host system and get informations like (Speed,MMX etc....)

Perl Win32 MemMap module
map both memory and files into virtual address space, processes or threads can gain access to mapped memory via naming mechanism

Perl Win32 IpHelp module
get realtime data info from TCP,IP,UDP, Sockets etc...

Perl Win32 IPerfmon module
get realtime performance data (ea:Processor,Memory,Disk,TCP/IP,RAS,WebServer and many more

Perl Win32 INotify module
monitor the changes (ea: size,name,security,last_write,last_access,creation...) of your Win32 directories

Perl Win32 IProc module
full control on your Win32 threads/processes(start,kill.wait,ps...).

Perl Win32 ISync module
implement the Win32 synchronisation mechanisms like the Semaphore,Mutex,Event,Timer objects