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Do you need Perl, CGI, javascript or XML?

My name is Robert White.
I'm a programmer in (beautiful downtown)  Bangkok. (Do check the pictures. I'm using an Olympus digital camera and managed to get some decent shots of the city.)
  What is it that programmers do these days? Doing a lot with Perl lately, its a language you can go wild with. See In praise of Perl for some really neat applications. Perl and XML make a very interesting combination. I wrote a little XML parser in Perl that weighs in at about 20 lines :-)). Watch the Snatch page for happenings.
Not doing very much with Visual Basic though its handy to have around. Perl has its own GUI builder now, see the wTV example, and it works very nicely.
Web pages, of course. I'm a convert to the joys of CSS and keeping things simple. To much DHTML confuses me :-). Being lazy I'm generating HTML with Perl.
CGI and sockets lately. Generating lots of web pages. Perl to javascript to OLE control and the DOM. This of course means 6 different ways to make a syntax error :-)

I like Thailand, it's is quite civilized (Pizza Hut will deliver). Not quite into streaming media or web TV yet but everything else works ok. Internet is $12 a month and $.50 per hour.
What are you doing in Bangkok
I'm living in a Wat, that's a Buddhist temple, with many monks, a pair of ducks, a pair of geese, some 100 kilo+ pigs, dogs, cats and one farang , me, who teaches pretty girls English evenings and computers new programming tricks daytime.
The Express Boat stops at our back door. (do see the pictures) Nice!. Wats are very restful.

What do you Really want to do?

Actually, living on a T3 line would be nice.
I like vastly complicated interesting projects, challenges and applying new tech. I've done consulting work for IBM and business planning in a rice field. Building online automatia is a prime focus. Seems to be more money in marketing but I keep backsliding into programming and studying system calls for fun. No C compiler but Perl and CGI keeps me active.

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Describe what you need. Right now I'm only interested in web pages and Perl (hmmm, add XML to that) but will consider almost anything.
In Bangkok call 613-9684

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