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Bangkok Detective - Investigations in Thailand

the following is a reprint from soc.culture.thai newsgroup.
I don't know this man. Any reports, favorable or otherwise, please send me email. robert@bangkokwizard.com. Sounds like an interesting fellow.

               Lost Lover Finder Service

Over the years, I and many other "farangs" (foreigners of European
descent, including Americans, Australians, etc.) have been asked by
friends, associates and strangers to help in finding someone, or
assessing their character.  This breaks down into three kinds of

   * Finding a lover or associate who you've lost contact with

   * Verifying that what they tell you is true (e.g., their situation,
how they spend your money, their loyalty or lack thereof)

   * An independent assessment of character

Given enough information, we can usually find someone, or if we cannot
find them then we can find out where they are and what's happened.  If
you would like, we can deliver a message to them, and give you back a
reply or response.  Alternatively, we can find out some information
without revealing who wants the information or even that we are seeking
information for anyone else.  We request that you specify what you want
to know and how we approach a case.

I use only people who are very experienced in Thailand, understand the
Thai culture, are friendly and easygoing, and usually are pretty well
connected.  Who I use depends upon the case, as I choose the person
most appropriate and capable for the case.  It may be me, or it may be
a close associate who has a trustworthy character.

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

               The Cost

The cost of this service varies, and depends upon the depth of
information and extent of service you want, which you specify by e-
mail.  You can pay by credit card via our e-Commerce system (it will
show up on your bill as "Internet service" or how else you request), or
else we can discuss alternative ways to send money.  The cost starts at
$25 for the most basic of service.  Most cases cost $85 or less, and
usually it's in the $35 to $50 range.  However, we cannot quote until
we get details on what you want and we assess what will be required in
terms of time and expenses (including transport, buying one beer per
bar visited by necessity, etc.).


There is no charge at all in considering a case.  You can send us a
case and we will tell you whether or not we will take it on, for how
much, and on what terms.

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

            "Try Before You Buy"

For many cases, we will charge you only IF we get results.  These are
usually simple cases with legwork on Sukhumvit between soi zero and soi
33, or in Siam Square.  Some suburban and provincial cases are also
this way if the case is not discreet and we have phone numbers.

We can agree on a rate in advance, whereby you pay only if we are
successful in getting the information you want.  What we do is look at
your case and then make a proposal. If no results, then no charge, for
these kinds of cases.

(The reason is that the cost per case is low, and success in this area
is high, since most of our cases are in this region and we have

However, many cases have a small "attempt" fee and then a "results" fee
if we are successful.

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

            Who Are We?

I cannot identify myself by name because that could result in a
compromise in service in two main ways:

  1. Word gets around who's doing these investigations, they recognise
the investigator(s), and the latter start getting dramatic acts
displayed by ladies and tainted information from their associates
(especially when there's money going from you to them), and

  2. Nobody wants any threats from ladies and their associates, and you
don't want to be responsible for our well being (no matter how you may
rationalise it...)

I can tell you enough about myself that matters, and can say that my
associates in this matter are experienced in Thailand, too, though not
always as much as myself or in such varied ways.  Since I pick who I
work with very carefully, it may be enough to get to know the chief, me.

I have learned a bit of psychology both formally and informally, I do
understand people very well, get along with almost all kinds of people,
and am non-judgementally a live-and-let-live type.  Thai culture is not
the only culture I have studied.

I've been in Thailand for more than 5 years.  I originally lived on
Sukhumvit and did a lot of the usual things guys do when they first
come here.  Later, I moved more than 20 km out in the suburbs, where I
have lived more than 5 years.  I speak the Thai language well, and can
even read and write it a little.

When I first came here, I was well read on both past and contemporary
Thai culture, but that's only a very small part of understanding Thai
culture.  There is absolutely no substitute for direct experiences in

After quite some time in Sukhumvit and other farang areas, and getting
to know Bangkok and Thailand, I moved out into the pure Thai areas,
where I wouldn't see another farang or hear or speak any English for
days at a time.  I became fairly fluent in spoken Thai with the help of
Thai student friends.  Learning the language helps you learn the
culture and is nothing less than the key to understanding Thais and
Thailand very well.  In addition, it leads to greatly enhanced
relationships with Thais, both the language and the cultural
understandings.  I developed extensive relationships with a diversity
of Thais and seemingly moved thru all social strata and many
socioeconomic sectors.  (For example, I was even an actor in a Thai TV

I find that precious few ex-pats have anything close to my experiences
and understandings of Thai culture, and as a result my perspectives and
analyses are often different and usually much more thorough and
objective.  Compared to the guys who come thru here as tourists, the
difference is often like night and day as regards differences in
cultures, perceptions, [mis-]understandings, and viewpoints.

Except for select populations of prostitutes, most Thai ladies are
naturally among the most honest, lovely and feminine female homo
sapiens on the planet now in the year 2000, and Thai culture is very
pleasant, nonaggressive, polite and nice.  As the only never-colonised
country in the region, there is a lot of native human nature that has
been preserved here.  Many in the red light district don't lose these
traits (to varying degrees) despite the tremendously skewed
environment, but tricksters are common in these places, and they retain
enough of their natural charms and hone their skills to get a lot of
guys to support them, often multiple guys at the same time.  All those
in the red light areas and many of those in the hot spots are there for
the money, but don't complain that "Thai girls are all just after your
money" because they're a select population of Thai ladies on this
matter.  They're not like the mainstream.  This in mind, and once you
understand that, you can start to assess your situation.  I know guys
who have married ladies from Sukhumvit hot spots and lived happily ever
after with faithful, loving and hardworking wives.  However, I also
know a lot of disaster stories.  I've seen so many of these unfold over
time... and those familiar with Thai personalities can usually see it
coming well in advance, when they're giving you porkie pie.

I have a Thai wife and offspring.  She's an artist by education ... and
you know what artists are like...  I call my wife a "chameleon" because
she is so good at fitting into different social situations of
practically any class, her knowledge is phenomenal when it comes to
societal affairs, and her viewpoints on other Thais are wonderfull.

As I'm a chronic double-checker of facts and opinions, I usually run
things past my Thai wife, at least to help refine my understanding and
awareness of the sensitive things and details in Thai culture, and
sometimes I get significant insights and additional information back.

I enjoy watching people of all kinds in a very relaxed manner and
listening to the music over a few beers.  This work just makes it a
little more interesting.

You can call me "Drew" and contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com for
more information.

                   Guidelines for the Service:

While many investigative cases end happily, many others do not, and my
general advice is that "you should be prepared for the worst but hope
for the best".

You can tell us as much or as little as you wish, depending upon how
much information you need back.  All of the following is optional
information you may or may not want to give.  In order to be most
effective in serving your best interests, it is important that we get
the pertinent facts of your story.

For example, do not be embarrassed to say where you met her, the places
she subsequently brought you, things about her close friends, and any
behaviors of hers which you think might be significant.  Does she say
that she is at her provincial home which has no phone?  Where is her
provincial home?  Where in Bangkok does she stay?  If money's involved,
have you ever seen her gamble (usually cards, but also lottery
tickets)?  Does she drink alcohol, and if so, is it whiskey, wine
cooler, or what?  These are all optional questions and information, and
whether they are pertinent questions depends upon the purpose of our
investigation which you should set.

It may be very significant if you tell us how much money you are
sending her monthly or a lump sum you've sent her (at least a number to
tell us whether she needs to work), how much she has requested (we know
what it really costs for a Thai to live here), what she says she's
doing with your money, and any other observations that you think
may be significant.  It's nice when a man in a western country relieves
his Thai lover of having to work for small money in a job with no
future ... if she uses the money to build a future with you,
whereby this turns into a very nice extended family relationship of
real love and caring.  This is common.  In Thailand, when you marry a
girl, it's a package deal with the family, and good Thai girls are
financially responsible for their brothers' and sisters' education and
their parents' well being.  However, there are countless cases of Thai
ladies knowing multiple western men who are all sending money and the
ladies are spending most of it in ways of vice.  (Some guys send a LOT
of money.)  It may be obvious whether or not she is living beyond the
means you're giving her.  Also, we know what it costs to send younger
brothers and sisters to school, living expenses in the provinces, how
much to expand a home in the provinces (as I and others have done),
what hospital and doctor costs are here, etc.

In most cases, when I see a Thai lady, it's fairly clear to me the kind
of lady she is from a variety of factors in a Thai context (her
clothes, mannerisms and body language, chosen slang words, chosen
friends, chosen residence) and how to approach finding out the
information needed.  Often it's immediately apparent from remote
observation without even getting close.  Sometimes it's not.  Sometimes
I cannot get the information in the time alloted, though I can come up
with a preliminary assessment as I would call it.

Some cases turn up good girls with relationship potential, other cases
turn up bad girls that are mainly trouble and you'd better cut your
losses here.  Certainly, if you're sending her money or about to spend
money and time coming here for her, and about to introduce her to your
community, you may want to consider the cost-efficiency and quasi-
insurance of checking her out via an objective third party.  If it's
only your heart at stake, this can help reduce the risks and improve
your focus.

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

Disclaimers and Conditions

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our conclusions.  All we can do is
try our best in a reasonable amount of time and with the resources

These conditions are superceded by any conditions we may state in the e-
mail and which are mutually agreed.

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

            Frequently Asked Questions

Q.:  "Don't people already know you are on fact finding missions?"

A.:  No.  Let's take a typical Sukhumvit scene.  Lots of people there
may know me, but they have no idea that I'm on fact finding missions.
I'll be out drinking with my mates and suggest we check out a few bars,
and they don't know that these are bars on my case list (or that I have
a case list), or what I'm doing.  I relax just like everyone else, and
I don't wear dark glasses, a frown, and a trenchcoat, nor stare, nor be
too inquisitive.  For example, if I see your girlfriend, I may *say* to
another girl that I think I know her from somewhere but I'm not
sure..., or I may be social like an ordinary guy with a girl who I have
witnessed is a close friend of your girlfriend and eventually move the
topic of conversation to her friend (your girlfriend) whereby she
unwittingly gives me the facts on your girlfriend.  Even when I collect
information from a bar owner, he doesn't know I'm on a fact finding
mission.  Only I, my wife, and precious few others know.

Q.:  "What if I give you a case and you steal my girlfriend?"

A.:  Ethics aside, it's quite unlikely even if you assume that we are
guys on the hunt for women.  First of all, just look around when you're
out with your mates.  Different guys like different girls.  The girl
one guy likes is usually a girl that none of the other guys take any
interest in.  And vice versa.  Anyone who thinks their girl's
absolutely better than the other guy's is a self-righteous dimwit.
Secondly, it's a huge place with countless girls, and your girl is just
one girl.  Third, if our guy does fancy your girl, then if she goes for
him, TOO, then she'd go for one of your friends later, and better to
cut your losses now.  (Our guy would have to be ethically poor in the
first place to go after another guy's girl, and if your girl goes after
a guy with ethically poor mannerisms, then she's either dumb or
devious, sorry to say.)

Q.:  "There's another case I'd like you to look into, not a Thai

A.:  No, I don't look into farangs, scam businesses, etc., etc., ONLY
LOST LOVERS (read Thai ladies).  This is a hobby and I don't need the
money nor the worries.  I will deal with the social class of Thai
ladies, full stop.  All else I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, and
don't want to know...

Q.:  "Can you recommend a good hotel?"

A.:  No, there are other good websites that do this, but perhaps we can
refer you to one appropriate to your interests, e.g.,

I ignore most inquiries for other information because you should be
able to find it on your own, though I will give a helping hand in
understandable circumstances.

I take pride in doing things that nobody else is doing and which should
be done.  I'm not a copy cat who reinvents the wheel, nor an "Asian"
who improves (or just copies) western inventions...

For more information, contact me at drewzealander@hotmail.com

If you do use Drew's services please let me know how it turns out.
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